About Us

About Us

Adam Throgmorton

Adam began creating architectural models at 12 years of age depicting early American structures. His passion for models arose from a desire to see more detail and craftsmanship applied to the art of model making that was lacking in most of the examples he had seen.

By experimenting with new techniques and technologies he has brought forward a new level of accuracy and artistry to the field. Adam studied architecture and art at the University of Las Vegas and through contacts made during this time was able to start creating elaborate models for Steve Wynn. He was raised in a family of architects and artists which contributed greatly to his influence of these two mediums. Growing up in Florida with close proximity to Walt Disney World, there was a strong influence of themed architectural design and uncompromising quality that would become the standard of his work.

Shawn Bicker

Shawn has been interested in design and architecture since he was young. He began by drawing and building clay models of his dream homes and moved on to building forts and tree houses. Shawn went to Bemidji State University to pursue model building. He changed his major and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in exhibit design.

After college Shawn moved to Las Vegas where he worked as an exhibit designer for GES designing corporate exhibits and trade shows such as CES, NAB and PMA. He quickly moved up to senior designer. Shawn wanted to experience something new and challenging so he left GES. Working as a freelance designer for the next seven years, he designed for numerous companies across the country. Freelancing allowed him to live and design in Georgia, California, Minnesota and North Carolina. In 2010 Shawn moved back to Las Vegas to work as a senior designer for EFI, where he was awarded the EDPA designer of the year award.

Shawn was able to fulfill his lifelong dream of model building when he joined forces with Adam at Modelworksajt. Together they have brought their passion and expertise to create architectural models in ways that have not been previously seen in the field.

Our Experience

ModelWorksAJT specializes in the creation of full detail architectural presentation models for any type of project.

Our experience over the past 20 years has enabled us to bring a level of quality and detail to our work unlike any other. We are able to work with even the quickest of schedules to ensure your project meets it’s deadline. There isn’t a project to big or small for us to accomplish and we look forward to working with you on seeing your vision become a reality.